Our Products

Skindex’s products meet stringent European and international standards for quality and quality control.

The hides are sourced from the best origins within the European Union, featuring the best grain qualities in the world. When it comes to grain quality and cleanness, European countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, Austria or the Scandinavian nations – among others -- are second to none. Even overpriced feedlot hides from other regions of the world such as the US or Australia cannot compete in grain cleanness. In spite of their overpriced market values, these non-European origins do suffer greatly from extensive healed and open scratches due to harsh weather conditions and/or breeding systems that massively expose their cattle hide productions to said harsh, external weather conditions. There is consensus among most European tanners that there can hardly obtain any prime full grain leathers when sourcing from these overpriced origins, which makes them perhaps the most expensive raw materials available with a less than satisfactory quality-price ratio.

Hides shipped by Skindex are purchased only from European meat works and sub-contractors that meet the highest quality standards.
With an emphasis on range, quality and service, Skindex adopts strict quality control procedures, from the selection of hides through to their processing and packaging.
Our “Europe-Only” approach ensures Skindex’s ability to supply a consistent quality product, which has been one of the fundamental elements to the international success of the company.